Welcome To Our Work Page

We do not like to brag but... Actually, yes we do and we have the reason too. Not every tree service company out there has the outstanding skilled employees that we do. Most tree services do not have the work ethic and high standards of work quality that we do. Hurricane Tree Service has proudly served the South and Southwest Florida area for quite some time now. You simply can't go wrong when you hire us to take care of your trees, whether they need to be trimmed or removed completely. 

The video on the left shows us bringing down a large tree safely. Of course, there are some instances where "one does not simply cut down a tree." Hurricane Tree Services has the right equipment and skills for every occasion. That is important and so many small tree services do not have the right tools for the job. Safety is our number one priority with customer satisfaction a close number two.

To your right, you can see a before and after display. It is important to clear brush before beginning work safely. We also generally do bush and shrub removal when requested. Either way, this is just another way that we keep our work practices safe and your property looking good. Laziness is not a good quality of any company to have, much less a tree service. That is why Hurricane Tree Services focus so much on attention to detail. Every aspect of the job matters to us as much as it does to you. 

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