Hurricane Matthew Uproots Trees Along The East Coast

This may come as a shock to some along the Florida East Coast as the strongest part of the hurricane stayed off the coast, but the storm did a real number on vegetation. Some areas are still trying to clean up even a week later and it has not been fun for some.

The Extent Of The Hurricane’s Damage

This storm was the first hurricane to truly impact Florida in the better part of a decade and did it ever impact us. North Carolina got the worst of the flood but Florida got some too. This is not to mention the wind damage from what was a category four hurricane. The clean-up efforts are still going on and they are going as smoothly as they could be. This is of course with the help of tree service companies like Hurricane Tree Services. Such companies play a vital role in cleaning up after natural disasters and other unfortunate events.

Did you know that some companies like to gouge the prices for their services after such events? It is the sad truth of the matter and it is the reason you need to be picky with them. You may be in a hurry to get the tree off your car or out of your house, but always check a few prices before hiring anyone to do the job. Hurricanes like Matthew create a lot of business for such companies as it is and they do not need to up their prices for it. There may be slight increases if they have to work faster to cover more ground, but that is about it.

Hurricane Tree Services

The fine folks with this company are always on call to help when you need it, and they will not ever gouge you after a storm or any other occasion. It is not just a good business practice but human decency as well. We all have to make a living but no one needs to make a big profit at the expense of other people’s well being and livelihood. So after the next storm, whether it be this year or in the next decade, give Hurricane Tree Service a call. Contact information is on our home page.

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