Clean Up For Florida's Dry Season!

This is usually an afterthought for many Floridians, especially those living in Naples, FL. However, it is very important to clean up your yard during Florida's typical dry season of November through about April. We do not get a lot of rain generally during the fall, winter and spring. This creates a major fire hazard, among other things. Even if you do not think you really need too, you really should. Why?

Because Fires and Wildlife, That's Why!

Even if you do not live in a fire-prone area, you probably live in an area where there are a lot of animals of all sizes. Aside from the fact that a lot dry and dead plant life can be a fire hazard, animals are looking for food and shelter. It is perfectly okay if you want to provide both, but if you are not interested... Then it is important to get rid of dying or dead trees, brown brush and other decaying plants.

You see, when the area starts to dry out, raccoons, possums, bats, stray cats and so much more start to look for convenient places to sleep and get nutrition. That dead shrub is a wonderful place for a snake to go and it is right next to your garden hose! That dying tree is a wonderful place for a raccoon to sleep during the day and it is right beside your trash cans.

The Fire Hazard

This part really is no joke. Florida may not be as notorious for brush-fires as a state like California, but we still have them. The fires we do have are also usually centralized in rural areas and Collier County has a lot of that. There is a good chance you may even be reading this from a house in rural Collier County.

So, why is dead trees and brush a fire hazard? It is simple. Fire burns through it much faster than anything else that may be in your yard. Whether or not you do this could well determine whether your house burns to the ground, or is even licked by flames.

The good news is that Hurricane Tree Services can at least handle your tree removal, and even some small brush. We are a landscaping service first and foremost. So you can count on us to help you out.

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